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Our mission is to empower women with the resources and tools they need to cultivate physical prowess, replenish their energy stores and live with intention; this is where grit meets grace.

About Corey

Nutrition expert, teacher, coach and trusted advisor to athletes and professionals around the U.S., Corey offers an integrated lifestyle approach  She is BASI comprehensive pilates, yoga, and spinning & TRX certified.

About the Method

We believe our minds are the fuel to power healthy behaviors and habits that stick.  From there we build on with movement and meditation.  Our nutrition plan supports creation of strong muscle and glowing skin.

The Refinery

The traditional pilates Reformer apparatus is trusted worldwide to get results for all fitness levels and body types. This low impact technique elongates the muscles, offering toning and strengthening simultaneously. Corey’s intimate classes are highly sought after in the DC metro area.

Pop-Up Classes

Resistance bands are best known for recovery following injury, but when combined with yoga, pilates, strength training and breathwork, they offer a dynamic powerful exercise program.  Corey’s one-hour sessions include a rigorous exercise program, a relaxing meditation, and a pep talk to start new healthy habits.

Rock Your Day

7 simple needle movers & my Top Productivity Method to transform energy, boost metabolism and enhance vitality.

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