6 quick strategies that help make exercise a habit

6 quick strategies that help make exercise a habit


  • Start with the 5 min rule. Commit to doing 5 mins. You will rarely stop there once you start. You can build from there.


  • Schedule exercise like an important meeting or doctor’s appointment.


  • Do it in the morning. There is less opportunity for roadblocks to pop up ( e.g., meeting ran long, traffic, too tired -the list of things grows as the day wears on) plus, exercise really invigorates the day and helps with overall productivity and mood.


  • Find something you enjoy. If you begin with an activity you enjoy it will feel less like a chore ( e.g., Hiking, walking with a friend, tennis or swimming).


  • Find a workout buddy, enlist an accountability partner or a community like Project Cultivate365 (find out how my online coaching  program and community of boss babes are getting results and supporting each other sign up for a fee 30 min coaching call by clicking this link here )  


  • Focus on consistency and how you feel rather than physical results.


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