A Few Thoughts On Motivation

Motivation can be a tricky thing. It can be elusive and fleeting.  Depending on a feeling of motivation to fuel you to reach your goals isn’t always the best practice. Small actions taken daily are what moves you to achieve your desired outcome. This happens by implementing daily habits and routines. Habits and routines are a framework that are less dependent on motivation and more ingrained behaviors and rituals.  By definition, motivation is the desire or willingness to do something. Truth be told, some days, or weeks even, you don’t feel like working out. This is when having a solid set of habits and routines to rely on comes in. There are, of course, a myriad of reasons why motivation may be lacking; it may be due to boredom, fatigue or stress. No matter what the basis for a motivational dip there are tons of ways to combat a slump or decline. Sometimes all that is needed is a little spark of inspiration to reignite the fire.


I use these tips and tricks for Myself, Clients and The Cultivate365 Community.


  • Music is a big motivator. So for those lackluster days, I will make a new upbeat playlist.
  • Sometimes all you need is some new gear. Seriously, a new workout outfit or sneakers pretty much always does the trick.
  • Adding in some new moves to a workout or trying out something entirely new can help spark some inspiration and motivation.
  • Setting mini goals for each workout helps to increase engagement and focus. Self-competition is a sure fire way to fuel motivation.
  • A pre-workout meditation or deep breathing exercise can be a lifesaver.  Creating space to become fully present does wonder for motivation and always produces more impact in a workout.
  • What is your why??  Write it out. Post it somewhere. Read it every day.


Need a little more help, support, accountabilty……  Join the Cultivate365 Program.


Where the focus is on building a lifestyle of habits, routines, and rituals that support and foster motivation, plus the fulfillment of goals while boosting confidence and connection. The program is designed to support Mindset, Metabolism, Muscles, and Mobility. We focus on reconstructing the body from the ground up, reconditioning your internal operating system and thought patterns as well as rebuilding your external environment to align with your goals.


Fun ways I like to stoke motivation within the program

  • I love to create monthly and weekly challenges & themes. These can range from a push-up or plank challenge. Sometimes the challenges involve creating teams. The team mentality is always fun.  
  • Community- The program has a fantastic community and team-based approach. It is always motivating and inspiring to be supported and cheered on by a community of like mind individuals who are on the same journey. Being apart of a greater community not only enhances your motivation but inspires others too.


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