Watermelon Love

There is nothing that screams summer more than a sweet, ripe, and juicy watermelon. I lOOOOVE summer, so of course, I LOOOOVE watermelon. It doesn’t hurt that that watermelons are pink either (my favorite color). On top of being just plain delicious, watermelon is super hydrating….I mean duh WATERmelon, right?? I wanted to share two …

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Spring is in the air and nothing says spring like Carrots. This veggie doesn’t dance in the spotlight like all the others. Maybe because kale and cauliflower have stolen all the attention lately, maybe the rampant phobia of sugar we all have developed is to blame (carrots are sweet by nature) or maybe we just …

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Rock Your Day

7 simple needle movers & my Top Productivity Method to transform energy, boost metabolism and enhance vitality.

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