What Mobility and Flexibility Have to Do With Weight Loss

Mobility and flexibility are key components to a holistic, total body fitness regime.  Making time to give attention to this area has incredible impact on both body and the mind.  It’s really easy to bail out at the end of class or a workout and head straight to the shower thinking you don’t have time to stretch. BUT, hear me out before you skip that precious post-workout lengthening time.  

A few minutes post workout can really make all the difference in how you look and feel. If you don’t invest time in your mobility, you may find you have trouble continuing the activities you enjoy, plus you could be setting yourself up for injury in the long run. It’s kinda like doing the 2 step: 2 steps forward and 1 (or more) back. Adding mobility work into your fitness practice is essential, and I’m not just talking about stretching post workout…I’m also talking about active recovery days.

Active recovery may sound like a contradictory concept, but when you think about it, it makes total sense. I mean, think back to the last time you worked out really hard.You wake up the next day sore and stiff, and that’s only the first day. We all know day 2 is gonna be even worse. By day 2 you are wincing with each step and forget about sitting on the toilet without crying a little…ugh. What if, instead of limiting your movement to only the bare necessities, you engaged in an active recovery day where you move gently, stretched and allowed your muscles to become more pliable, less stiff. Wouldn’t that be much more pleasant?  Active recovery allows for just that kind of recovery and regeneration through active movement.

Active movements, huh?? There I go again – isn’t that an oxymoron? Active movements get the circulation and blood flowing (more blood flow = more rapid healing) without being too taxing on the body. Think an easy jog, walking, light cycling, yoga, foam rolling and even deep tissue massage (I can hear you now…count me in, Corey!)  

So shelve the extremes of either working out every day with no rest days or working out so hard you can’t do it again until next week.  My proven approach is a mindful, balanced one: ”Work smarter, not harder”  It’s a mix of high intensity, low intensity, mobility work and active recovery + meditation and mindful practices with a  focus on eating clean, nutritionally dense foods …..it’s’ a lifestyle!!

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