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Hi, Welcome, I am so glad you are here!  I wanted to share a little about me and my journey and how Cultivate was created.  After the birth of my daughter like most women, I was eager to get my pre-baby body back.  I knew what to do; after all as a lifelong athlete and gym rat who had studied nutrition or so I thought.  I set out to drop the lbs and tone up. Initially, this was not a problem. I dropped the weight and then some, but not too long after my daughter’s 2nd birthday things just weren’t right.

The weight started creeping on at an alarming rate despite my intense workouts (sometimes 2xs day) and living on a steady diet of chicken and steamed broccoli (UGH). Not only was I distraught about the mysterious weight gain that seemed completely out of my control, I was exhausted and felt terrible. After countless doctor visits and wellness treatments including acupuncture, nutritionist and a host of blood tests I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. I left the doctor’s office with a prescription in hand….YAY problem solved!! Ha, not quite.  

While the weight did come off initially, I was still exhausted and didn’t feel like myself. I was also what I’d refer to at this point as exercise phobic.  Once my thyroid hormones were back in balance the weight I had gained melted off as easily as it came on, and this happened during a prescribed (by the acupuncturist) exercise hiatus. This was both a blessing and curse. As I resumed a normal exercise regime it seemed the weight would start to creep back on (aka NIGHTMARE).  

I arrived at the conclusion my beloved activity of going to the gym was making me fat. Bathroom scales and skinny jeans don’t lie!. This was something I couldn’t accept; not only was exercise a form of therapy and stress relief for me, I felt like a disgusting slug not moving my body.  

Thankfully, I discovered  Pilates. It was love and first stretch, head over heels and a dream come true all in one.  Pilates 3xs a week got me far better results than I had ever seen in my hours at the gym. I was developing long lean muscles — some I never knew even existed — becoming more connected to my body, and feeling energized.

My newfound love led me to leave my career in Real Estate to teach Pilates. Makes sense, right?? I enrolled in BASI comprehensive teacher training, and I was off.  I spent the next several years teaching…teaching and working a lot!! I neglected my own workouts and health while I got my new career and studio off the ground. Until one day I realized my jeans didn’t fit again.  I had spent so much time in beloved Lulu’s, thinking things were going along pretty well, but burning my body out in the process. I had a major problem on my hands.

This is where things get a little interesting. You would think my beloved Pilates would be my solution, right? Wrong!  Getting on the reformer after spending all day teaching clients was honestly the last thing I wanted to do.  And so began the next installment in my journey.  I lifted weights both light and heavy; I sat on a spin bike till my lady parts begged for a break; I sweated it out on my yoga mat until I could contort myself into a pretzel. I did each of these things to the exclusion of the other, thinking one of them held the secret I was looking for. I obsessed over calories, carbs, and fat. I read diet books, took health coaching and nutrition training.  Most of these obsessions resulted in additional certifications, loads of hours testing and sometimes hefty financial investments.

My conclusion (drum roll) is (gasp) there isn’t a magic bullet.

BUT, there is balance. This is a loaded word for some, and a fairy tale land to others.  Balance is not something you ever perfectly achieve, but rather a state you work to reach in each moment.  You have to cultivate balance in your body and mind. It’s focusing on all the parts, not just one.  Sometimes one area needs more love and attention than the other, but like a plant with sunshine, soil, air, and water, you can never neglect any one without risking the health of the whole.  

There are four critical parts to keeping this beautiful vessel of ours in balance: Mindset, Muscles, Mobility, and Metabolism. It is these four pillars that the Cultivate method is based on.  Cultivate takes a little part from the many trainings, certifications and my personal health and wellness journey. It’s a labor of love and my passion project. I am excited and eager to share the Cultivate method with you.  

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