Why It’s So Hard To Make Those Goals and Resolutions Stick


I am an eternal optimist but also a realist. I exude positivity with a healthy dose of tough love and truth. It is an unlikely combo, so understandably you may be confused….so let me explain. I fully believe things can and will always get better…….. hold on though…..wait for it… here comes the realist…..the caveat…if you will. Things will only get better, if and when you take responsibility for the things you have control over. You are the master of your outcomes, your mindset, your perspective, your happiness and your success!!


Alright, so now that we have that part cleared up:


If you are like most January 1 will roll around and take off with the best of intentions and major gusto, only to tank a few weeks or even just days later. Here are the four reasons why it is so hard to make New Year’s Resolutions stick or any big change for that matter.


Your Stories: We all have them. You know that sneaky inner voice telling you untruths. Whispering things such as “you aren’t good enough,”  “you are too busy,” “ you can’t do this,” “this doesn’t work.” We all have that voice lurking inside our heads …it is insidious ….it’s sneaky and quiet, and it often goes unnoticed. This voice erodes and destroys your confidence, your self-worth and ultimately talks you out of achieving big goals and dreams.  


Your Identity: With change or goal/dream realization your identity must shift. The person you are today cannot be the person you will be when these goals are achieved. I’m sure you have heard the reference “fake it till you make it.”  That is precisely what that phrase means….you must assume the identity of the person or change you want in order to become that person.


Your Surroundings:  “You are the total of the five people you spend the most time with” Have you ever heard that statement??? When it comes to creating change in your life, it is essential that your environment align. If you surround yourself with people who are the opposite of what you want to become chances you are more likely to assume their attributes then the ones you aspire to. If you fill your fridge and pantry with junk, it is unlikely you will adopt healthy eating habits….get my drift?? If you aim to run a marathon but spend most of your time hanging with couch potatoes …..well those marathon goals will be much farther out of reach.  It is time to take inventory of your environment and decide where your priorities lie. When you are trying to implement change your surroundings and environment really count.


Your Vision: Think of your vision as your own personal mission statement.  Visualization is so powerful when it comes to manifesting the things you want to achieve. Your vision must be very detailed. What will your goal look like, feel like?? How will this affect you and your daily life?? What sort of habits will you have? What will you eat? What will you wear? Who will you spend your time with? So on and so forth.  Details….Details…Details….the more the better!!


Taking the time to assess, explore and change these areas will ensure your resolutions and goals are achieved!!

These are the foundational principles upon which the Cultivate365 coaching program is built.


Let’s make 2019 the year you make those dreams come true!!


Love and Lunges



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